Spring 2014

Program Information
With the success of our initial 2013 season, Southpaw Baseball will be fielding competitive tournament teams ages 9-14 for the spring season of 2014.

How we are different:
Southpaw is an independent, non-affiliated baseball program and the reasoning behind this is simple: 1. Give players and parents a program that will allow kids from other areas and schools to participate 2. No parent coached teams which eliminates the potential of favoritism/bias and promotes fair play.  3. Ability to lower the costs for parents and players by obtaining sponsorship dollars and outside donations.

Depending on team, Southpaw also gives the flexibility to players to play other sports, including Little League, with priority to the Southpaw weekend tournaments.

Spring 2014 Season
1-2 practices per week (indoor/outdoor) starting February
5 tournaments (approx) from mid April thru June including possibility of State Championship in July
Teams may participate in tournament team weekday leagues (ie. JCJBL)

Spring 2014 Tournament Team tryouts
Tryouts are stressful for both the player and the parent with the shortened time frame, lack of repetitions and over active nerves around the coaches and the other players.  Southpaw takes the stress away by extending the tryout throughout the entire fall season. Fall Ball IS the tryout for the Spring 2014 competitive tournament teams.  While you don’t have to play in the Fall Ball League to make a tournament team it is highly recommended because it gives the coaches a longer evaluation period.  If you are interested in playing in the Spring, please indicate that in your email when you are signing up for either option.

Southpaw team image

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